Thursday, December 8, 2016


by: Gigi Frost

Image result for robotic vacuumRobotic vacuum cleaners are some of the most intriguing, highly sought after devices on the market today. Whether you simply do not like pushing around a vacuum cleaner, or you have some type of disability that renders you incapable of using a standard vacuum, the robotic vacuum cleaner is an ultimate solution for the smallest amount of effort.

The Selection Process
When you scroll through the lists of robotic vacuums on, there some things you need to consider:
  • Flooring. Do you have hardwood, tile, or carpets? This could make a difference in which robotic vacuum works best for you.
  • Square footage. How big is your home? Obviously, a robotic vacuum cleaner will not climb stairs or travel room to room. Most are best suited for smaller areas, apartments, or studios, but there are accessories that you can use to extend the path of some robotic vacuums.
  • Barriers and pets. Do you have a lot of obstructions? Maybe you prefer the cheapest vacuums for pet hair?

Our Research
For the purpose of this article, we have evaluated the cheapest prices, at least an average of 4 or more stars from customer reviews, and ability to pick up pet hair. Here is a list of the top three recommendations that we can make based on the research that we have done on
  1. AGDA@ Robotic Vacuum Cleaner: Currently $158.88 and free shipping.
Image result for adga robotic vacuum
A great robotic vacuum cleaner for people with allergies, it picks up pet hair, dirt, dust, allergens, tiny particulates and more. It has the ability to be scheduled for up to seven cleaning sessions a week. It auto detects navigation and returns to the charging base when it’s done cleaning. One battery charge lasts up to 80 minutes.
Average stars on Amazon: 4 out of 5. Most consumers love the vacuum’s self sufficiency and battery life.

  1. FINE DRAGON Robot Sweeper: Currently $78.00 and free shipping.
FINE DRAGON Robot Sweeper Automatic Floor Cleaning Robot Sweeping Robotic Machine with Portable Handle (Green)
This robotic vacuum is ideal for household environments. It has a one-hour continuous operation time and an automatic sweeping capability. Dual rotating brushes provide high efficiency which is great for pet dander. The infrared mechanisms allow the unit to avoid bumping into obstacles and making turns in advance. It is specifically designed for hard floor surfaces and at a sale price of $78.00 it’s a great buy.
Average stars on Amazon: 4 out of 5. Consumers like the strong suction for picking up dirt and hair, but there is mention of the robot potentially getting stuck from time to time.

  1. EVERTOP Robotic Vacuum Cleaner: Currently $179.90 and free shipping.
Automatic Home or Office Sweeping Cleaner for Floor Cleaning,Household Robotic Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair/dirt/Daily Dust Removal, Silver with Black
This wireless cleaner has a powerful suction and works on hardwood, tile, marble and granite flooring. It has a built-in cliff sensor to keep it from falling off the stairs, and has a dual side corner brush which allows more efficiency when cleaning. There is a HEPA filter attached to the dirt container. The robot may get stuck if there are too many obstacles and it will not go under coaches or beds if the battery is low. A fully charged battery lasts approximately 30 minutes.
Average stars on Amazon: 4 out of 5. Customers love the low price and the vacuum’s ability to pick up long, thick pet hairs.

All in all, the price points and evaluations should help the savvy reader on finding the best robotic vacuum cleaner to buy on Amazon. If you are in doubt, we recommend that you start with the cheapest robot sweeper, FINE DRAGON, as it has virtually the same types of reviews and specs but at a much lower cost.

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