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Every snowboarder has their preferences when it comes to gear.  Most of us want the newest technologies to give us an edge over the competition or improve our personal performance.  Some may just prefer to use what they are best comfortable with.  Sometimes just simple improvements to an existing favorite piece of gear are the motivator to try something new.    There have been a lot of modifications to snowboard boot/bindings over the past two decades, but there is one model which appears to have comeback from the grave: the K2 Kwicker boot/binding system.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017 BURN TREATMENT MED TECH: Low Tech v High Tech Series: Pro-Silver, Away!
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Basically a burn can happen from any type of extreme acute exposure to heat, cold, elemental radiation (radioactive or fission materials), electricity, or caustic chemical agents.  These injuries account for the greatest hospital stays and high care costs nationwide.  Thermal exposure to hot surfaces, liquids, or direct heat is most common for the outdoor enthusiast.  Regardless of the etiology, burn care requires important steps to provide comfort and promote healing.

Thursday, December 8, 2016 ROBOTIC VACUUM CLEANER
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Robotic vacuum cleaners are some of the most intriguing, highly sought after devices on the market today. Whether you simply do not like pushing around a vacuum cleaner, or you have some type of disability that renders you incapable of using a standard vacuum, the robotic vacuum cleaner is an ultimate solution for the smallest amount of effort.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016 WOOCOMMERCE PLUGIN: WOOMOBIFY
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Mobile browsers have essentially become the go-to devices when shopping for the best deals online. Now, you can use WooMobify, the ideal plugin to bring shoppers and sellers even closer together through giving the user direct mobile access to the WooCommerce stores. The user friendly virtual shopping app allows any mobile user to scroll easily through multiple stores with a simple flick of a finger.

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